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A Conversation with Chris Strompolos who played Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation, November 26, 2015

November 26, 2015


In June of 1981: Raiders of the Lost Ark was released and Indiana Jones was born. Cinematic history and the hearts of movie lovers and generations to follow were changed forever.

In June of 2014… 33 years later: The Raiders Guys completed what has been called “the greatest fan-film ever made“ – a shot-for-shot recreation of the Spielberg / Lucas classic. Welcome to our adventure!

from the “Raiders Guys” website

It’s summer. 1981…and it’s hot.

You’re 10, 11 years old…and there’s nothing to do.

So what DO you do?

Maybe you get a bunch of kids together and play ball: Baseball, basketball or soccer.

But it’s summer…and it’s hot, so maybe you find and indoor hobby like building model airplanes, or stamp collecting. Or maybe you get a job: Dog walking or9781250001474 washing cars or bagging groceries.

It’s summer…and it’s hot…. So maybe what you do is get together with another kid and make a shot-by-shot recreation of your favorite film: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

That’s exactly what Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala did that summer…and the next…and the next…and on and on for seven years.

Then long beyond that.


Tune in to WNYE, 91.5 fm, tonight at 7pm to listen to our conversation. Or click here to listen to it as it streams live over the internet.


CLICK HERE for the Raiders Guys Website

CLICK HERE for Raiders! the book written by Alan Eisenstock about this adventure.

CLICK HERE for the “Vice” video about Chris and Eric.

CLICK HERE for the Vanity Fair article about Chris and Eric and their movie.

CLICK HERE for the wikipedia entry for Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation

CLICK HERE for the wikipedia entry for Raiders of the Lost Ark


Have a Happy Thanksgiving.  bb


A Conversation with Adam Nicolson, author of Why Homer Matters, October 29, 2015

October 29, 2015


Adam Nicolson employs Homeric thinking as the foundation myth to understand the evolution of Greek consciousness and to make the distant past of the Mediterranean world as immediate to us today as our own time.

images     Why Homer Matters is a magical journey of discovery across great stretches of time and place, sewn together by the epic poems themselves and their metaphors of life and trouble. Homer’s formulaic were invented after memory and before history to occupy as Adam Nicolsonachilles writes “a Third space,” in which to bend memory over back thousands of years beyond the customary three generations of human experience.
The Iliad and The Odyssey are among the oldest stories we have, emerging from a time—around 200 B.C.—before the Greeks became Greek, when warlike invaders from the Northern steppe—beyond the Black Sea—clashed with the more sophisticated inhabitants of the Eastern Mediterranean.
The poems tell us how we became who we are.

description from Macmillan/Holt website

CLICK HERE for more information about Why Homer Matters

CLICK HERE for for the wikipedia article on Adam Nicolson

Tonight’s program will only be available on-line at the Hellenic Public Radio website.

My Conversation with Brad Herzog, author of Turn Left at the Trojan Horse. February 10, 2011

October 15, 2015


Tonight’s program is a repeat. Hope you enjoy it.


Originally posted on Just My Eyes:

Struggling for the right words to express what “Turn Left at the Trojan Horse” is about is not my idea of a good use of time especially when I can poach the best description from the Kensington Publishing Corp. website.

“Go away. Figure it out,” she was saying. “Don’t come back until you do.” She looked at the calendar. “You have thirty-one days.”

With these words, like Helen of Troy launching a thousand ships across the Aegean, Brad Herzog’s wife launched a single Winnebago Aspect onto the open road. A modern-day Odysseus in Kerouac clothing, Brad Herzog plunges into a solo cross-country adventure in search of insight. With middle age bearing down on him and another college reunion fast approaching, he takes stock: How has he measured up to his own youthful aspirations? In contemporary America, what is a life well lived? What is a heroic life?

From the foothills…

View original 228 more words

A Conversation with Costa Boutsikaris, director of INHABIT: A Permaculture Perspective, October 1, 2015

October 1, 2015


Inhabit is a feature length documentary introducing permaculture: a design method that offers an ecological lens for solving issues related to agriculture, economics, governance, and on. The film presents a vast array of projects, concepts, maxresdefaultand people, and it translates the diversity of permaculture into something that can be understood by an equally diverse audience. For those familiar, it will be a call to action and a glimpse into what’s possible – what kind of projects and solutions are already underway. For those unfamiliar, it will be an introduction to a1795796_231363190390577_1805748255_o new way of being and a new way of relating to the Earth. For everyone, it will be a reminder that humans are capable of being planetary healing forces.

In 2012, after finishing a Permaculture Design Course in NYC and
graduating from film school, Costa raised funds on KickStarter to convert a diesel van to run on Waste Vegetable Oil. The money was also used to Screen+Shot+2014-11-18+at+11.20.45+PMbuy an 80 Watt solar panel to create a renewable energy film vehicle that could allow for mobile editing and camera charging.

The following spring Emmett joined on and the two set off on a 4 month journey, visiting around 22 permaculture sites. The map above illustrates most of the journey. Filming wrapped in the Autumn of 2013 and by April of 2014 Costa and Emmett launched a new Kickstarter campaign to raise money for editing/post production. After 8 days they surpassed their goal of $18,000 and eventually raised over $35,000 total.

Description from Inhabit website

CLICK HERE for Inhabit website

CLICK HERE for Wikipedia definition of Permacultureimages-4

CLICK HERE for information about the screening at the Jacob Burns Film Center on Wednesday, October 14, at 7:30

CLICK HERE for INHABIT: A Permaculture Perspective – Film Trailer

CLICK HERE for There’s Something Wrong with the World a film by Costa

CLICK HERE for Whole Systems Design’s Greenhouse a film by Costa

A Conversation with Christopher McDougall, author of Natural Born Heroes, September 17, 2015

September 17, 2015


Chris McDougall has done it beautifully!

“Done what?” you ask.

Written a self-help book disguised as a historical World War Two action-thriller.

McDougall_-Christopher_940_529_72-ppiHe’s taken a story of the daring kidnapping of the German General, Heinrich Kreipe, from the island of Crete in March of 1944—a story that everyone’s heard but no one really knows—then combined it with elements of fascia profunda science, foraging for greens with a former ballerina in the heart of Brooklyn, George Hebert’s Natural Method and Phil Maffetone’s 2-week test back to abduction-gang1health. And all along the way he’s giving us tantalizing bits of information about the festival of Dromaia, a Cretan passage into manhood; Parkour; The Firm, the WWII British Special Ops force; the celtic ritual of the “manhood stone”; the possible connection between the Chinese fighting technique of Wing Chun and the ancient Greek fighting style of Pankration (think Alexander) and so much more.

But maybe I’ve got it all wrong. Maybe it’s really a WWII action-thriller wrapped in a self-help book’s clothing. It doesn’t really matter. It’s an exciting read, it’s a fun read and it’s an exhilarating read.

Please tune in tonight at 7pm to my radio program “Graffiti” to listen to my conversation with Chris on Hellenic Public Radio, WNYE, 91.5 fm. Or listen on-line at the HPR website.

CLICK HERE for the wikipedia entry for Christopher McDougalltumblr_nl230b1jpL1qzgd3go1_500

CLICK HERE for more information about the book Natural Born Heroes

CLICK HERE for a Youtube video about the bookachilles

CLICK HERE for Chris’s TED Talk entitled: Are we born to run?

CLICK HERE for the Erwan Le Corre/MovNat video: True to My Nature

CLICK HERE for a Parkour video



A Conversation with André Alexis, about his novel Fifteen Dogs, September 3, 2015

September 3, 2015

51KD2qGJ31L._SX318_BO1,204,203,200_ High-Park_EM_0
What happens when two of the Olympian Gods—namely Apollo and Hermes—two of the “Bad Boy” gods—decide to spend a night of revelry in the Wheat Sheaf Tavern not far from Toronto’s waterfront?

Between their rounds of drinking, being worshipped and carelessly improvising at least one minor miracle, theyalexis-andre-2015 manage to have a conversation about the nature of humanity and human intelligence. It is this conversation that leads to the wager upon which André Alexis’s wonderful novel, Fifteen Dogs, is built.

Join me tonight at 7pm when I have a conversation with André Alexis about Fifteen Dogs on my radio program GRAFFITI. Listen to it on Hellenic Public Radio, WNYE, 91.5 fm. Or listen on-line at the Hellenic Public Radio/CosmosFM website.

For more information you might find the websites below useful.

CLICK HERE for André Alexis’s Wikipedia entry.

CLICK HERE for information on Fifteen Dogs.

CLICK HERE for the Brooklyn Book Festival Events: Subverting Tropes: Household Appliances, Talking Dogs, and Robinson Crusoe. September 20, 2015.

For more information about the Open Mic I’m hosting at the Hudson Valley Writers Center CLICK HERE.

For information concerning the class on Public speaking that I’ll be giving at the Hudson Valley Writers Center CLICK HERE.

A Conversation with J. E. ‘Ted’ Lendon Author of “Song of Wrath: The Peloponnesian War Begins”. August 11, 2011

August 20, 2015


Hope you enjoy this show that orginally aired back in August of 2011.

Originally posted on Just My Eyes:

Back in 2005 I interviewed J.E. ‘Ted’ Lendon about his new book Soldiers and Ghosts a fascinating study about the crucial role culture played in ancient Greek warfare. At the end of our conversation Ted mentioned that he was working on a new book about the Peloponnesian War. Earlier this year as I was wandering through my library’s “New Titles” section and saw the name J.E. Lendon on the spine of a book. The books title:  Song of Wrath: The Peloponnesian War Begins. It took half a decade but there it was.

Click here to listen to the 2005 conversation about Soldiers and Ghosts.

Click here to listen to our conversation on August 11, 2011 about Ted Lendon’s newest book: Song of Wrath: The Peloponnesian War Begins

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