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Tonight a conversation with poet, Jennifer Franklin, about her newest book: No Small Gift. December 6, 2018.

December 6, 2018


No-Small-Gift_Franklin-front-cover-200x300There is no evading Franklin’s forceful mastery of language. With her deft precision, sharp as a surgeon’s knife, she constructs gorgeous songs from the blinding heaps of tragedy, alchemically transforming brutality into music, both soothing and beautiful. This is her weapon, her force field, and her calling as she writes in ‘Another School:’ ‘If only I could calm their bodies that / cannot keep still—tell them that I too / drown the silences of this world with my / own song.”

Poet Cynthia Cruz commenting on Jennifer Franklin’s No Small Gift

I’ve always said I’m not a poet but a storyteller who sometimes finds the best way to tell a JenniferFranklinBeesNSG-225x300particular story is through poetry.

Jennifer, on the other hand is a poet, through and through, as well as a storyteller. As the poet Marchant writes about Jennifer’s work:

‘Every song of grief,” writes Jennifer Franklin, ‘ is still song.’ Where does the impulse to such a song come from? What enables the poet to transform her portion of woe into language that is kin to what a bird at dawn might sing?

27565146218_6b0f119b89_oTune in tonight at 7pm at our website or on the radio at WNYE, 91.5 or use the TUNEIN app on your smart device.

Click here for a brief biography.

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Click here for more information Philomela.




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