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2018: A Look Back at the year’s Graffiti. The year in review. January 3, 2019

January 3, 2019

IMG_1863For as long as I can remember I’ve done a year-end wrap-up show…and tonight’s the night.

2018 was not marked by quantity—I only did about a dozen shows and it seems that many of them were fundraisers—but, if I must say so myself the QUALITY was quite good.

How do I know? That’s simple. To prepare for this show I had to listen to every single one of them so I could decide which clips I wanted to edit from the steven_pressfieldshows.

Some were easy. I remembered a few moments from some of the shows that really stood41ItuKMnaKL._SY346_ out and stuck in my mind. In nearly every case my memory served me well, but there were times when I got to the appropriate place in the audio I found that my idea or my memory was faulty.

maya-rouvelleBut it was fun to go back and listen. In fact there were a few shows where I found myself thinking, “Oh, this section has to be the clip!” Only to continue on and find an even better segment to use.


No-Small-Gift_Franklin-front-cover-200x300After I pulled the clips I thought about them and knew there 1d3d75fbf011efa391a11d87a9fc0289was a theme or thread that connected them. As a result I’ve come up with three interlocking themes: 1) The Artist and his/her path. 2) Friendship and digging deeper. 3) The Zeitgeist of the times.

Here are the names of the guests and the date we originally had our conversations: Steven Pressfield, August 30; Lili Maya & James Rouvelle, October 25; Michele Poulous, April 12; Jennifer Franklin, December 6; JenniferFranklinBeesNSG-225x300Viktor Koen, November 8; Madeline Miller, May 10; Emily Wilson, February 1.

images-2I bet you’re wondering why I put them in that order. Well, as I write this nearing midnight on Jan. 2 that is the order I think they will be played in.

Below you’ll find and number of links. I tried to keep to one a person but then I’ve also9780393089059_198 included links to the original blog entries for each of the shows. If you open the original blog Madeline Miller has won the Orange Prize for fictionyou’ll find a wealth of information on each person there.

So remember: Tune in tonight at 7pm at our website or on the radio at WNYE, 91.5 or use the TUNEIN app on your smart device.

CLICK HERE FOR Steven Pressfield’s Website.

CLICK HERE FOR the Maya & Rouvelle Website.

97803165563301CLICK HERE FOR the trailer for the film by Michele Poulos: A Chiasson-Emily-WilsonLate Style of Fire: Larry Levis, American Poet.

CLICK HERE FOR Jennifer Franklin’s Website.

CLICK HERE FOR Viktor Koen’s Website.

CLICK HERE FOR the Wikipedia entry for Madeline Miller.

CLICK HERE FOR the publishers page for Emily Wilson’s translation of The Odyssey.


CLICK HERE FOR Emily Wilson.

CLICK HERE FOR Michele Poulos.aeffabde02007a525d60935e3fd28ea5

CLICK HERE FOR Madeline Miller.

CLICK HERE FOR Steven Pressfield.

CLICK HERE FOR Maya & Rouvelle.

Phenotypes-poster-finalCLICK HERE FOR Viktor Koen.

CLICK HERE FOR Jennifer Franklin.

CLICK HERE FOR details on the class I’ll be teaching at Hudson 27565146218_6b0f119b89_oValley Writers Center starting February 5, 2019.




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