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A Conversation with Steven Pressfield, author of The Artist’s Journey, August 30, 2018

August 30, 2018


When I looked over the list of Steve’s 17 published titles I was surprised to realize that this will be either the 6th or 7th time that we will be doing a program together. I was equally surprised to see that our last one—to talk about the publication of his book The Profession—was nearly 7 years ago.

41ItuKMnaKL._SY346_This evening we’ll be talking about his newest book entitled: The Artist’s Journey: The Wake of the Hero’s Journey and the Lifelong Pursuit of Meaning.

When you look at Steve’s list of published books you see that he’s split his time pretty evenly between fiction and non-fiction.

The War of Art (2002)
Do The Work (2011)
The Warrior Ethos (2011)
Turning Pro (2012)
The Authentic Swing: Notes from the Writing of First Novel (2013)
The Lion’s Gate: On the Front Lines of the Six Day War (2014)
An American Jew: A Writer Confronts His Own Exile and Identity (2015)
Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t: Why That Is and What You Can Do About It (2016)

The Legend of Bagger Vance (1995)                                                                            The-Profession-Cover              Gates of Fire, about the Battle of Thermopylae (1998)
Tides of War, a Novel of Alcibiades and the Peloponnesian War (2000)
Last of the Amazons (2002)                                                                                                                     The Virtues of War, about Alexander the Great (2004).
The Afghan Campaign, about Alexander the Great’s conquests in Afghanistan (2006)                                            Killing Rommel (2008)
The Profession (2011)

Tune in tonight at 7pm at our website or on the radio at WNYE, 91.5 or use the TUNEIN app on your smart device.

Click Here for the link to Steve’s website.

Click here for the link to his Wikipedia page.

Click here for the blog entry for Steve’s last appearance on Graffiti back in December of 2011.

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