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Tonight, a conversation with Michele Poulos: Poet, Screenwriter and filmmaker. Her most recent film is A Late Style Of Fire: Larry Levis, American Poet. April 12, 2018

April 12, 2018

aeffabde02007a525d60935e3fd28ea5Black Laurel has at its center poems that reveal and explore issues related to my identity as a Greek-American writer, discovering the connections that link to the past and present of both Greece and America. Many of the poems work to achieve a layered understanding of a history that has both individual as well as a broader cultural meanings. In thinking about fire and my own collection, some of the poems were written in Greece while others were inspired by the stories I heard from my family—stories dating back to WWII and earlier. For example, one of the poems, “Before My Mother Set Herself on Fire,” was inspired by the story of when the Nazis burned down my relative’s house, and the poem, “When the Wind Falls” reveals the true story of the time a Nazi fighter pilot fired shots at my three relatives (they’re siblings) when they were children—they were forced to seek refuge behind a rock while the pilot searched overhead for them.

from interview in Superstition Review: an online literary magazine

Michele Poulos’s first feature-length documentary film, A Late Style of Fire: Larry Levis, American Poet, had its world premiere at the 2016 Mill Valley Film Festival in October. The film is an official selection at seven more film festivals including the 2017 Palm 1d3d75fbf011efa391a11d87a9fc0289Beach Int’l Film Festival and the 2017 Los Angeles Greek Film Festival. She is an award-winning poet, screenwriter, and filmmaker. She holds a BFA in filmmaking from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, an MFA degree in poetry from Arizona State University, and an MFA in fiction from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her first full-length collection of poems, Black Laurel, was published by Iris Press in March 2016. Her screenplay, Mule Bone Blues, won the 2010 Virginia Screenwriting Competition, and it made it to the second round of the 2017 and 2015 Sundance Screenwriters Lab, and f7c6215e794f8a24d4ba0df70182df18the second round in the 2010 Austin Screenplay Contest. She just completed writing two feature-length comedies: GIMME KEYS! that takes place in Greece, and B-MORE that was co-written with a stand-up comic about a stand-up comic. She is currently writing two more screenplays: an animation and a mystery about a young photographer.

CLICK HERE FOR Michele’s website.

CLICK HERE FOR the link to Michele’s FB page.fcfcb875b2e0bf8eab1ccc316b3b22fd

CLICK HERE FOR the trailer for A Late Style of Fire: Larry Levis, American Poet.

CLICK HERE FOR “A Radical Empathy” an Interview with Michele Poulos.

CLICK HERE FOR Everything is required: a Normal interview with Michele Poulos.




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