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SPREADING MOM…A Poetic Animation

October 23, 2012

I’m writing the screenplay for the new film by my friend Cici Artist entitled: Spreading Mom. It’s a poetic animation about the final gift a mother gave to her children and we need to raise $1,500 to get it off the ground. So we’ve posted the project to KICKSTARTER.

There’s something about this way of raising funds that appeals to me in a big way. It must come from my college days when someone would get an idea, walk across campus telling everyone: “We’re making a movie. My room. 10 tonight.” A few hours later a bunch of us would be crammed into a tiny room with a camera, bits and pieces for props and costumes, a stack of records for the soundtrack and a few pads and pencils and we’d start. It was a community effort.

It’s that—the idea of a community being involved—that appeals to me about KICKSTARTER.

Also the topic is relevant. Spreading Mom deals with the loss of a parent—a subject I’ve written about before (see my blog entry: I Watched My Mother Die). But here I’ll be writing from the perspective of my friend Cici, the project’s artist and animator. It’ll be fascinating to see where her art, photos, videos and memories will lead me personally and poetically.

To be part of this adventure I promise you won’t have to schlep around a camera or choose music or stay up all night editing. No, it’s very simple really, all you need to do to become part of this community is to help fund it. For this you’ll receive not only our undying gratitude but also the chance to get some of Cici’s artwork depending on the level at which you pledge; but whether it’s a post card or a painting you will then be a part of the process. This means you’ll receive frequent updates on our progress. These won’t be a weekly occurrences but as we make significant strides (or painful stumbles) you’ll know about them. In addition you’ll also receive a personal invitation to Spreading Mom’s gala premier this coming April at the Avon Theater in Stamford, CT part of Cici’s Moving Pictures event.

If this subject touches you in any way (and how could it not), or if the idea of participating in making a film that deals with this topic in a different and positive way, or if what appeals to you is simply feeling the joy of actually seeing someone’s vision become a reality, please join us in the making of Spreading Mom.

If circumstances dictate that this isn’t the time when you can participate in such a project, please consider forwarding this to friends or family members who might want to be a part of this project.

As a special bonus. If you can tell me the name of the person who does the fabulous voice of the Lion for the Spreading Mom Kickstarter teaser video posted to introduce the project I’ll send to you a signed page from the final script for the movie.

Remember every pledge matters…whether it’s for a dollar (the green “Back This Project” button) or $5 or $500.

CLICK HERE to get to the KICKSTARTER website for Spreading Mom.



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