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Tonight a conversation with Alexandra Symeonidou about her book entitled: Nightmares in the Saudi Arabian Desert: Autobiography (The Saudi Nightmare Trilogy Book 1). Dec. 7, 2017

December 7, 2017


That strange dream, the one with the black cat, that I had while still an air hostess and floating on oceans of happiness, was now beginning to become clear to me. The black cat was a symbol for what came into my life to knock everything over, smash everything to pieces, turn my happiness into unhappiness, my joy into sorrow, white into black… At that moment I became a strong believer of fate, kismet, everyone’s inescapable destiny. And yet, I didn’t want to let this belief sink in. I would not give up. I would fight tooth and nail for my own ideals. I had done nothing wrong, although my karma indicated otherwise. But I would change that fate around. I would take my risks and fight my battles…

From: Nightmares in the Saudi Arabian Desert


It seems very appropriate to me that the evening after TIME Magazine selected “The Silence Breakers” to be their Person of the Year for 2017 that I should be having a conversation with Alexandra Symeonidou about her autobiography: Nightmares in the Saudi Arabian Desert.

In the book she tells of her marriage to a man from Saudi Arabia who then, with the help of his family, makes Alexandra’s life unbearable and very nearly unlivable. It is a story of 51dUKxvOV3L._UY200_fear, courage, unimaginable abuse and the love of a mother…actually the love of two mothers. One mother—her husband’s—who added to the abuse and another—Alexandra’s own mother—who helped save her from it.

Please tune in tonight at 7pm to my radio program Graffiti to listen to my conversation with Alexandra Symeonidou on Hellenic Public Radio/CosmosFM 41yO-9AlakL._UX250_WNYE, 91.5 fm. Or listen on-line at the CosmosFM website. Or use the TuneIn app on your smart device.

Click Here for the link to the Kindle edition of Nightmares in the Saudi Arabian Desert on Amazon.

Click Here for some more biographical material on Alexandra.

Click Here for the wikipedia page for “ME TOO”.

Click Here for the TIME Magazine on-line article about their selection of “The Silence Breakers” as their Person of the Year for 2017.

Click Here for the TIME Magazine video: “The Silence Breakers” The Person of the Year for 2017.


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