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Tonight I’m having a conversation with Dean Kostos about his newest collection of poetry entitled: Pierced by Night-Colored Threads. October 5, 2017

October 5, 2017


I can’t remember how we met or when we met but suffice it to say that I’ve known Dean Kostos for a good many years now. We’ve had many on-air conversations over the years 6568_100187266664341_100000192032972_2920_2332084_nand tonight’s program will be centered around his newest book of poetry: Pierced by Night-Colored Threads. But instead of me babbling about it here’s a snippet from a wonderful review by Ron Kolm in the on-line magazine, Sensitive Skin:

But Dean’s work is also muscular; it moves with a great gusto, and he uses rhymes the way Spoken Word devotees or rap musicians do, to speed things along. The poem ‘Honi the Circle-Drawer’ jumps from ‘sapphire’ to ‘choir’ and then ‘spires’ and ‘lyre.’ All good words; none of them cheap, none of them wasted. For sheer strength, check out these lines from ‘View from the Country of Setting Sun.’

Half of Janus: Past Face

Scans history’s ruins, dimmed

in extinguished
sun. A hand clasps

a crown encircling
an incinerated skull.

tumblr_oxc0s37rgf1qa7n48o1_250Powerful stuff.


Please tune in tonight at 7pm to my radio program Graffiti to listen to my conversation with Dean Kostos on Hellenic Public Radio/CosmosFM, WNYE, 91.5 fm. Or listen on-line at the CosmosFM website. Or use the CosmosFM TuneIn app on your smart device.

CLICK HERE for Dean’s website.

CLICK HERE for Ron Kolm’s review in the On-line magazine SENSITIVE SKIN.




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