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No show…but lots to write about. Including Anna Paidoussi and the tables being turned on me. September 28, 2017.

September 28, 2017


In a perfect universe tonight would be a radio show night for me but ANTHOULA KATSIMATIDIS, my colleague at the radio station and host of the program Color Your Life that alternates with my program, Graffiti, on Thursday nights, asked if we could switch tumblr_owx6nhbbuv1qa7n48o2_540Thursdays. And so we have. That isn’t to say that there’s no news and no stories to share this week. But let’s start with Anna Paidoussi and 40 Years Music & Friendship.

I’ve known Anna all the way back to her days with Annabouboula. What’s Annabouboula you 4777356ask? First off it’s a Greek expression meaning a mixed-up noise, or confusion. Secondly, it’s the name of a great musical group of the late 80’s and early 90’s that road the wave of World Music to great artistic success. I was fortunate enough to have the group on air with me back when I first started doing my show.

UnknownAnna has one of those voices that shakes pillars yet brings tears to the eyes of those fortunate enough to hear it.

Anna’s concert is this coming Sunday, October 1 at 5pm at the Kefalos Society of America; 20-41 Steinway Street, Long Island City, Call 718-545-4900 for Tickets and information. By the way George Sempepos and George Stathos are also going to be on stage on Sunday. Both are former Annabouboula-ians. Hmmm, could this signal the beginning of something?

31doqs7yywl-_ux250_Now for turning the tables. Sunday night at 7pm (Yes, you’ll have to rush from the concert and “fly” home to listen) I’ll be interviewed by John McMullen on The johnmac Radio Show/Podcast. After 25 years of having conversations with dozens upon dozens—maybe even hundreds—of 715388interesting people I won’t be the one asking the questions. John McMullen will venture where no person has gone before…or at least he will on Sunday night when the tables will truly be turned. I have to admit to equal portions of trepidation and excitement. Let’s hope I can be half as interesting as the folks I’ve had the good fortune to talk to over the past quarter century.

CLICK HERE FOR the Annabouboula at wikipedia.

CLICK HERE FOR more info on Annabouboula.

CLICK HERE FOR information about ANTHOULA KATSIMATIDIS (Yikes! She ran off with my night!)

CLICK HERE FOR more information about World Music.

CLICK HERE FOR a “taste” of Anna’s voice with Annabouboula.

CLICK HERE FOR the Annabouboula “page” at Amazon.

CLICK HERE FOR John McMullen’s biography.

CLICK HERE FOR John McMullen’s books available at Amazon.

CLICK HERE FOR the link you’ll need to hear our conversation on Sunday night.

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