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A Conversation with Jeff Siger, author of “Devil of Delphi”, April 14, 2016

April 14, 2016


Think Breaking Bad, Greek style

In ancient times, Delphi stood at the center of the world, a mountainous, verdant home to the gods, where kings and warriors journeyed to learn of their fates from its Oracle, and disobeyed its preaching at their peril.

In modern day Delphi, a young Athens emigree seeks to re-build his life in anonymity among its pastoral, rolling hills and endless olive groves. But the man’s dark past is too celebrated, and his assassin skills are too much in demand for his fate to be left to his own hands.

When he’s given no choice but to serve the ruthless aims of an international criminal mastermind, he agrees, but on his terms. His methods bring unexpected death to a member of one of Greece’s most prominent and feared political families, and draws Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis into the eye of a political and media firestorm threatening to bring down the nation’s government.

It is a gripping, fast-paced story played out against a backdrop of World Heritage Sites, an annual global trillion-dollar legitimate alcoholic beverage industry preyed upon by counterfeiters of the industries’ most celebrated brands, and political infighting among Greek revolutionaries, movers and shakers. Kaldis and his team soon find themselves battling purveyors of life-threatening adulterated booze, struggling to bring a cold-blooded killer to justice, and laboring to outthink a political chess-master determined to destroy Kaldis’ ailing boss, Greece’s Minister of Public Order—all without turning themselves and their families into deadly targets.

From “GoodReads” Review

3 Mykonos Magazine  2008Tonight Jeff Siger and I will have a conversation about Devil of Delphi the seventh book in his Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis Mystery series. You might recognize the name since this will be the fourth time we’ve talked about his life as a writer of mysteries…and so much more.

Please tune in tonight at 7pm to listen to my conversation with Jeff on Hellenic Public Radio, WNYE, 91.5 fm. Or listen on-line at the HPR website.

CLICK HERE for more information about the book from the Poisoned Pen Press website.

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CLICK HERE for my blog entry about our conversation concerning his last book: Sons of Sparta.

CLICK HERE for information about the Open Mic I host every third Friday night (this month April 15) at The Hudson Valley Writers Center in Sleepy Hollow NY.

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