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My Conversation with Brad Herzog, author of Turn Left at the Trojan Horse. February 10, 2011

October 15, 2015

Tonight’s program is a repeat. Hope you enjoy it.


Just My Eyes

Struggling for the right words to express what “Turn Left at the Trojan Horse” is about is not my idea of a good use of time especially when I can poach the best description from the Kensington Publishing Corp. website.

“Go away. Figure it out,” she was saying. “Don’t come back until you do.” She looked at the calendar. “You have thirty-one days.”

With these words, like Helen of Troy launching a thousand ships across the Aegean, Brad Herzog’s wife launched a single Winnebago Aspect onto the open road. A modern-day Odysseus in Kerouac clothing, Brad Herzog plunges into a solo cross-country adventure in search of insight. With middle age bearing down on him and another college reunion fast approaching, he takes stock: How has he measured up to his own youthful aspirations? In contemporary America, what is a life well lived? What is a heroic life?

From the foothills…

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