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A Conversation with Joan Holub, about her books for children including the Goddess Girls Series and the Heroes in Training Series, May 28, 2015

May 28, 2015

I was brought up in a bookstore and spent most of my first 40 Unknown-5years in and around one. Books are in my blood…especially children’s books. My happiest memories of the book business have to do with the time I was the buyerimages for the children’s department. I once said, and still believe in large part, that if you can’t find “it” in a children’s book then it probably isn’t worth knowing.

Unknown-6I left the business nearly 25 years ago and had pretty much forgotten that adage until I started reading the work of Joan Holub in preparation for tonight’s conversation. I only had time to read about a dozen of her books—that’s only scratching the surface of her catalog that stands somewhere near 140images-3 books published—but I found the books enjoyable and educational. I love it when I learn something during the course of preparing for one of these conversations. That’s why I keep coming back.

Tune in to WNYE, 91.5 fm, tonight at 7pm to listen to our conversation. Or click here to listen to it as it streams live over the internet.

Here are a number websites that may interest you:

CLICK HERE for Joan Holub’s website

CLICK HERE for the publisher Simon & Schuster’s page for JoanMini Myths board books Joan Holub Leslie Patricellie board books

CLICK HERE for Joan’s Blog

CLICK HERE for the Simon & Schuster link to the Mt. Olympus Academy books

images-1CLICK HERE for the link to Joan’s entry at

CLICK HERE for link to the Goddess Girls series at

CLICK HERE for Joan’s listing at OCLC

CLICK HERE for Joan’s Wickipedia entry

CLICK HERE for a look at Joan at work at her office

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