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A Conversation with Barbara Graziosi, author of “The Gods of Olympus”, November 27, 2014

November 25, 2014



Let me start by apologizing for this rather skimpy blog tonight. My original plan was to leave tomorrow (Wednesday) so I could spend the holiday with my friends up in the far reaches of New Hampshire but decided instead to try to beat the storm that’s headed for us. So I’m just going to whip this off, then throw whatever comes to hand into the car, and hit the road. I should be there by 3am…I hope.

So here’s a number of sites you can go to to learn more about The Gods of Olympus and Barbara Graziosi.

CLICK HERE for Barbara’s bio.StaffBG

CLICK HERE for for her Durham University home page.

CLICK HERE for the publisher’s page for The Gods of Olympus.

CLICK HERE for for a great review from the Science Christian Monitor.

CLICK HERE for Barbara’s twitter feed.

Tune in to WNYE, 91.5 fm, Thursday night at 7pm to listen to our conversation. Or click here to listen to it as it streams live over the internet.

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    Hope you enjoy the program.



  1. Looks like tonight’s show will be a repeat. | Just My Eyes

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