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A Conversation with Jeff Siger, author of “Sons of Sparta”, October 16, 2014

October 16, 2014


For Chief Insp. Andreas Kaldis, interacting with known crime boss Orestes is just another day at the office in Siger’s perfectly plotted sixth mystery set in Greece (after 2013’s Mykonos After Midnight). But for Special Crimes Division detective Yianni Kouros things get a little too personal when a beloved relative, Uncle, drives his car off a cliff on the road to Cape Tenaro. Even though Uncle had “retired” from running his own crime syndicate for a decade, he was knee-deep in a land deal that’s beginning to smell fishier than a net full of sunbaked sea bass. Of course, Uncle’s demise puts the kibosh on that deal, and the intrepid detectives must figure out who benefits from the old man’s death before Kouros’s cousins revive ancient family feuds. Siger’s paints travelogue-worthy pictures of a breathtakingly beautiful—if politically corrupt—Greece. (Oct.)    From the Publishers Weekly starred review.

Tonight Jeff and I will be talking about his newly published book, the 6th in the Andreas Kaldis series, 10b0c1771e910a22d17a92.L._V184014350_SX200_Sons Of Sparta.

If you listened to last year’s conversation when Mykonos after Midnight was released, you’ll remember that we went off on some very interesting tangents. So listen in tonight to see where our conversation may lead us.

CLICK HERE for Jeff’s website.

3 Mykonos Magazine  2008CLICK HERE for Jeff’s blog entry: How and Why to Find Joy in Writing.

CLICK HERE for Murder is Everywhere Blog.

CLICK HERE for a number of reviews by readers at GOODREADS.

CLICK HERE to listen to our conversation from September 2013.

Tune in to WNYE, 91.5 fm, tonight at 7pm to listen to our conversation. Or click here to listen to it as it streams live over the internet.

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