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A Conversation with Konstantinos Kambouroglou, filmmaker “To Build Strong Children”, May 15, 2014

May 15, 2014

1399573713876Some time ago, maybe it was two years ago, I mentioned to someone that my friend, Konstantinos Kambouroglou, was directing a film about human trafficking in America. From the look on their face I knew this person thought I was joking.

Smiling she asked, “What do you mean?” Then she waited for the punchline.

“You know, human slavery,” I replied without a hint of humor.

Then I watched as the look on her face quickly transitioned from a smile to shock, to comprehension, then to profound sorrow—all in the space of about 3 seconds.

She went on to say that she knew it happened elsewhere in the world: Europe, Middle East, parts of Africa…but America?!

Two years ago, like many Americans, maybe even most Americans, she had no idea that human trafficking was goingIMG_1863 on in our cities, on our streets, in our neighborhoods. She wasn’t insensitive just uninformed.

Two years ago the zeitgeist began to change. Maybe it was in part due to the work Konstantinos was doing. Maybe the change was already in the air.

Listen tonight at 7pm on WNYE, 91.5fm or at the Hellenic Public Radio Website.

Click here for Konstantinos Kambouroglou’s Gouse Films

Click here for the link to the film: To Build Strong Children

Click here for more information about Kenneth B. Morris, Jr. and the Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives

Click here if you would like to hear my earlier (2/11/2010) conversation with Konstantinos Kambouroglou

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Click here for more news about this matter

Click here for more news about this matter

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