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A HOLIDAY Conversation with Meg Cotner, author of “Food Lovers’ Guide to Queens”, December 19, 2013

December 19, 2013


Back in July I asked Meg Cotner to come in to have a conversation about her new book Food Lovers’ Guide to Queens. It was a fun and successful show and at the end of it a brilliant idea flashed through my mind: Invite9780762781188 100_0527Meg back to talk about the holidays in Astoria. I asked and she agreed. At that time back in July the thermometer’s needle had inched over 100 degrees and THE HOLIDAYS seemed a lifetime, and a world, away. But suddenly here we are less then a week before Christmas and I have as yet not found my Holiday Spirit. Maybe tonight’s conversation will be the spark I need to ignite it. Though I have to admit that when I was in Astoria last Friday night to take most of the pictures you see in this entry it almost got me to humming Christmas Carols.


Just in case you’ve forgotten there are some of the links below for the things Meg’s been doing. Others you can find on the original blog I did back in July for the program we did then.


Click here for the blog for our conversation in July. Note that a link to our actual conversation can be found at the bottom of it.


CLICK here for the link to WE HEART ASTORIA.


CLICK here for the link to HARMONIOUS BELLY


Look at those gingerbread houses.


CLICK here for the WE HEART ASTORIA special holiday gift guide


Below are some of the places we may get to talk about tonight.

CLICK here for Djerdan

CLICK here for Bistro 33


CLICK here for Parrot Coffee

CLICK here for Lockwood



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