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A Conversation with Marisa Kakoulas, author of “Black Tattoo Art, Vol. 2”, November 21, 2013

November 21, 2013


My history with tattooing goes back to the early 1970’s when, fresh out of college, my head still ringing with all the rhetoric about the upcoming Video Revolution, I went in search of a subject. A friend, also interested in film, lived in Mount Vernon, NY and suggested a visit to Big Joe’s Tattoo Parlor. And THAT is how my lifelong3133074573_24c4dc9187_z interest in tattooing started.

We never did the film so the idea morphed into a book. I never did a book either, but then, hell, it took another 30 some-odd years for The Video Revolution to happen…so who knows there might still be a book in the offing, but till then my friend, Marisa Kakoulas, has four books filled with the most 9561004425_9f1fe4a948_zincredible tattoo artwork. Besides Black Tattoo Art, Vol.2, the other titles include: Black & Grey Tattoo, Vol. 1  (Traditional Black & Grey)Black & Grey Tattoo, Vol. 2 (Dark/Horror) and Black & Grey Tattoo, Vol. 3 (Photorealism).

By the way, it was my interest in tattooing that eventually got me to Greece and ultimately to Hellenic Public Radio. If you listen tonight to my conversation with Marisa you’ll probably hear that story too.

Black_GreyTattooo3_Cover_lowTonight, Thursday, November 21, 2013, tune in to “Graffiti” at 7pm at 91.5 fm, WNYE. Or if that proves inconvenient, there’s always the live stream at the HPR’s website. And if it just isn’t possible to listen tonight you will find our conversation posted here in about two weeks time. But till then here are a few sites you may want to visit.

Marisa’s wonderful, informative and beautiful Tattoo Blog: NEEDLES & SINS9560984779_e2aa11ed74_z

The blog entry for Black Tattoo Art Vol. 2, dated Oct. 1, 2013 (the cover art alone is worth the trip to this page)

My video done at the launch party for Black & Grey Tattoo. Yes, miracles do happen. Over 40 years later I finally did my Tattoo Video.

Another one of my videos, this time at the Joshua Liner Gallery for the opening of an exhibition of the work of Shawn Barber, featuring Marisa as RED KALI (the painting at the top of this entry).

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