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A Conversation with Director, Lisa Peterson, and Actor, Denis O’Hare, Co-creators of AN ILIAD. February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012

A man steps into the circle of light cast by the encampment’s fire. He stands there and waits for the chieftain to take notice. When the leader finally see the man he calls out: “Old man! Who are you?”

“Sire. I’m but a teller of tales…a poet…a man of many words, and for a meal, a cup of wine–and if you like what you hear–maybe a piece of silver or gold, I’ll share with you and your men some of those words.”

 He pauses, “I’ll entertain you with tales of heroes and battles and the Gods.”

And so a deal is struck and the old man begins. First, softly, forcing the men around the fire to quiet, lean in, and listen hard. Then once he’s caught them he weaves his magic. His words casting their spell.

That may be how the story of the Trojan War was kept alive for century after century until it was finally written down some 28 centuries ago.

Today that encampment…that teller of tales…that Poet…can be found at the New York Theatre Workshop where the Achaeans (The Greeks) and the Trojans are very much alive in a masterful play entitled. An Iliad.

And tonight I’m having a conversation with the co-creators of the play: Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare. Lisa also directs the play and Denis, along with Stephen Spinella performs the role of “The Poet” on alternate evenings.

This is a wonderful night of theater.

Click here for general information about An Iliad.

Click here for ticket information.

Click here to watch a NYTW video with Lisa Peterson, Denis O’Hare and Stephen Spinella talking about this production.

Click here for biographical information: Denis O’Hare.

Click here for biographical information: Lisa Peterson.

Click here to watch Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare discuss their adaptation of AN ILIAD at McCarter Theatre (Fall 2010).

Click here for information about Homer’s Iliad.

Click here for information about Robert Fagles, translator.

The conversation was originally heard on my show, Graffiti, Thursday, February 23 on Hellenic Public Radio, WNYE, 91.5 fm at 7pm.



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