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A Graffiti ARCHIVE Presentation. A Conversation with Demetri Efthyvoulos–Spirits of the Rainforest

February 24, 2011

Silent Master (Buddha) 1998

A few years ago I bought a piece of equipment that would allow me to convert my old “Graffiti” shows from tape format to digital. For years that piece of equipment languished–sealed in the shipping box it arrived in. Why? Well time and circumstance certainly played a part but it was the thought of going through the tapes of my early shows was truly daunting. I have hundreds upon hundreds of tapes. Boxes filled with them. A few night’s ago I finally broke through the resistance and began shuffling through my tapes.

Tonight on “Graffiti” you’ll listen to my conversation with Demetri Efthyvoulos about his seven years in the Peruvian Amazon and the exceptional photographs he took at that time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t date the tape–something I was usually scrupulous about doing. I think the show had to be taped either in the late ’90’s or in the early part of the new century. It is also unfortunate that I cannot find anything on the internet about him after the 2004 interview (here in two parts–PART 1 and PART 2) he did while in London.

There are two other sites (see below) about him but neither of them seem to have any new information. The only other reference I could find was to a Demetri Efthyvoulos who had gone into the ministry. Maybe it’s him.

****Some late breaking news**** Demetri’s son, David, has contacted me (see his note in the “JUST YOUR THOUGHTS” comment section) and tells me his father will be honored later this month (June 2011) by the government of Cyprus. Bravo Demetri!

Click here to listen to the re-broadcast of my interview with Demetri Efthyvoulos.

Click here to visit the new site for Demetri that his son, David, has created for his father.

Click here to go to “Aspects of Reality” at Flickr.

Click here to go to “Visions That The Plants Gave Us”.



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  1. June 18, 2011 7:42 pm

    My thanks Bill for your having rediscovered your archive tapes and having thus also found the recording(s) you had made in interviewing my father, mentioned in your feature item above. This is to let you know that I have for some time been working at re-uploading the website about my father’s “Rainforest Eye” project which used to be located at Geocities (until that closed). Demetri, now aged 87, is due to receive a very special award during a ceremony due to be held in Cyprus on June 20th 2011, recognising the uniqueness of his lifetime’s contribution in his photographic career. The site I have been re-uploading has today been made publicly visible in anticipation of his receiving this award and so I thought I would place a link here (having found your site during a final web-search for Demetri-related material in preparation for releasing the website). The material from your two interviews with Demetri would make a most welcome and valued addition to the multimedia section on his new website if it is available anywhere on the web in a form that I could link to. With my personal thanks to you for your own invaluable activities I thought I would point out that email details are available in the ‘contact’ section of the website at:

  2. June 19, 2011 9:10 am

    Many thanks indeed Bill for having so promptly responded to my message and having made your archive of your interview with Demetri publicly available – its availability is an appropriate celebration of the award which Demetri is due to receive from the President of Cyprus tomorrow!

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