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Graffiti Year End Wrap-up Show Part 1

December 30, 2010

Where did 2010 go? Where did the decade go? Remember the last days of 1999 when we weren’t sure what would happen when the clock ticked midnight? The Y2K bug was going to cause death, doom and destruction. Seems like yesterday–seems like a thousand years ago…if you know what I mean.

Today’s entry is to give you a central clearing place to find all the entries for all the shows you’ll hear segments from tonight.

So start counting your blessings.




The first program up was my conversation with Peter Constantine. It aired on January 14, 2010.

The next program I did was with my friend Viktor Koen. There are two blog entries for that show. This entry has some of the photos that were used in the exhibition. Click here to reach that one. The other entry holds the complete interview. Click here for that one.

Konstantinos Kambouroglou came into the studio to talk about the four part PBS Special: FACES OF AMERICA, and his involvement in the project. Click here to reach that entry.

Rarely do I have guests during fund-raising but this year was different. This Spring I asked Kalliope Constantaras to come on and talk about her poetry and George Blytas to talk about his book: The First Victory.
I round out the first half of this year-end wrap up with two authors. One, a recognized giant, Walt Whitman and the other, Zach Mason, who might, one day, become a literary giant.
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