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Mark Alan Stamaty and The Shield of Achilles

October 6, 2010

I’m so so so so so (add about ten more and I might be close) so far behind in everything that I considered tossing in the towel and wiping the slate clean…but I can’t.

One of the programs that I haven’t posted was my conversation with Mark Alan Stamaty (Click here to see my earlier posting on this) about his book, SHAKE, RATTLE & TURN THAT NOISE DOWN, back at the end of July. That conversation was too much fun to just let it disappear, forgotten, into the ether. If you didn’t hear it live the night it originally aired (and even if you did) click here to listen to it. It was a great show.

Ah, but, but, but (maybe add 3 more of those) there is a problem. There was a glitch that night. A mechanical failure…or, at least, that’s what the gods want us to believe. I think the problem was the Olympians–they heard Elvis singing “Hound-dog” then listened to Mark going on and on about Elvis in such reverential tones that they reached down, touched the recording equipment and wiped out the first 5 minutes or so of our conversation. I’m sure they’re having a jolly good laugh about it.

The other program posted here was about the Shield of Achilles and Ekphrasis. It originally aired on July 15, 2010.

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