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Graffiti….February 11, 2010 …………………..My conversation with Konstantinos Kambouroglou

February 10, 2010

In the pre-show teaser that airs right at the beginning of the hour I ask the question: “What do Yo-Yo Ma, Stephen Colbert, Eva Longoria, Meryl Streep, Queen Noor, Kristi Yamaguchi and Konstantinos Kambouroglou all have in common?” Jokingly, I answer, “Absolutely nothing!”

In truth they are all involved in the four part series “FACES OF AMERICA with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.” that aired its first episode on Wednesday, February 10 at 8pm.

Now you might be familiar with most, but not all, of those names. The one that might not ring a bell is Konstantinos Kambouroglou.

I’ve known Konstantinos for many years and have enjoyed many wonderful and deep conversations with him and even more that were anything but deep.

Our conversation on the February 11, 2010 edition of Graffiti runs a gamut of topics but nearly all have something to do with the nature of documentary film and the art of the story.

I think it’s a fascinating show. If you missed it when it aired on Graffiti on Hellenic Public Radio on WNYE, at 91.5 fm you can listen to my entire conversation with Konstantinos Kambouroglou by clicking on the link below.

CLICK Here for that conversation.


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