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The Odyssey…continues!

September 28, 2009

Gospel, Old English for “god spell” or good news.  And I have some good news for you.  The run on Handcart Ensemble’s The Odyssey has been extended.


If you read my entry dated September 14, you already know how much I like this production.  There are times when sitting still my mind will drift back to the scene in Hades.  It’s a scene that’s never really worked for me whenever I’ve read The Odyssey, but in this production it does.  You believe it when Odysseus sees his mother and cannot accept that she is here in this terrible place.  It is heart wrenching to watch this sad reunion.  Not just for his loss but also for her inability to “connect” with him.  The scene is sadness itself.

For information about times, dates, tickets click here.

You can take this as gospel: it is definitely worth seeing.  Others who’ve felt the same way have been:  The New York Times, New York Theatre Experience and Talkin’ Broadway.

If you missed it the first time don’t miss it this time.

Some random observations:

A few strange things I’ve encountered recently:

Did you know Iraq had a baseball team?


Check it out here.


How about a Ukrainian version of “America’s Got Talent”.  Take a few minutes and watch this.  You won’t be disappointed.  It’ll knock your sox off.  Gospel!

One of the great things about the internet is that there are so many ways now to express yourself.  Heh, he, he!  (not so gospel) (warning there is nudity in this one)

I’ve seen a number of really good movies recently but I won’t be able to comment on them right now.  I hope to have some time to do them up right in my next entry.

Check out my picture blog.


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